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When we started running about 15 years ago, we didn’t know anything.  We learned by making mistakes, reading everything we would get our hands on, and most importantly, by talking to other runners.  Who knew about chaffing, quick laces, shirts that wick, gu, tempo runs or fartleks…yup fartleks. 

We knew you were supposed to eat when you ran long distances, but how much could you fit in that tiny pocket in those running shorts.  How much are you supposed to drink, and again, where the heck do you put it.  Where do you start training for a 5K, 10k, ½ Marathon, or even the big kahuna…26.2. 

Our goal is spread the word, share the wisdom and help people find the stuff we think is cool.  We want to make sure your nipples don’t bleed, your feet don’t blister, you don’t get dehydrated, you’re comfortable when you run and you eat the right stuff, before during and after you run. 

We want to share our playlists, what gets us fired up, inspires us, keeps us occupied and what makes the miles go by when we run.  May it’s not the music, but the person next to you, or the running group you meet on Wednesday mornings.  If you don’t have that inspiration to listen to, or that person chat with, we want to help make that happen.

We’ve been hurt, and it we know it sucks.  It’s never easy to go to the doctor, the chiropractor, acupuncturist, or worst of all…to stop running, but sometimes it’s necessary.  Our goal as runners is to be preventative and do everything in our power not to get hurt.  But sometimes hurt happens.   

We began running in Chicago where there was a buzz on running.  It was so accessible and easy.  We want that for metro Detroit.  We want to bring it all together in the D, and more than a buzz…we want a rumble.

Running for us has become a way of life; it’s baked into the equation along with eating and sleeping.  We’re here to share and spread the word.  We carry all the stuff we love and know you will to.  We believe in every product we sell…because we’ve used it.   Read our blog and email with questions, comments or just to say what up.  Check out our calendar and the races on tap.  If rundetroit.com is going, or we’ve been there, we’ll let you know.